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Question oneWhich key parasite threats* are controlled by NexGard Spectra®?1

Only fleas and roundworm

Only lungworm, roundworm and ticks

Fleas, ticks, lungworm and roundworm

Only fleas and ticks

Question twoIs NexGard Spectra® also licensed to treat sarcoptic and demodectic mange?



Question threeWhy does giving NexGard Spectra® every month virtually eliminate shedding of Toxocara canis eggs?2

Toxocara canis is especially susceptible to NexGard Spectra®

Monthly worming is similar or shorter than the prepatent period

Milbemycin and afoxolaner have an additive effect

Question fourHow often should a dog be treated with a product to prevent lungworm disease?3

Every 12 weeks


Every 3 months

Question five NexGard Spectra® can be used to protect puppies from key parasites from 8 weeks and 2kg:



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